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Monday, May 1, 2017

A Man With a Knife and an Earthquake

Hello Family and Friends

To answer your questions, I am about an hour from the Mission home, transfers are every 6 weeks and this one ends on the 21st of May, I think me and Elder Vernaza will be together for at least one more transfer, oh and I GET TO SKYPE ON THE 14TH OF MAY!! ON SUNDAY!, So don't forget. We have a lot of investigators very close to being ready! We have to wait on a couple of them because they have some problems that require an interview. Yes I am eating good mom I had Dominos twice this week, hahahaha. 

Anyways, this week was full of adventures! The first was on Wednesday while me and Elder Vernaza were getting 7 ups in a Panaderia and we were talking with the lady behind the counter and she gasped really loud and we turned around and these guys were yelling at each other and one of them was chasing the other. One dude had a knife and the other guy made a run for it and he lunged and barely missed him! So he cut his losses and stole the dudes bike and left. This was in the middle of the day by the way. It was all very slow. So mom don't worry, I can speed walk faster than that.

On Friday night I had a cool experience!! In the middle of the night I woke up to a very loud crash and the room kinda felt funny. I asked Elder Vernaza what was up but he was out cold. IT WAS AN EARTHQUAKE!! Do you know how cool that is?? I was so pumped! Still don't know what the noise was but all our neighbors are still alive so all is well. 

And yes dad I bought some stuff and I will probably need more just to buy somethings I need so put just some more money in there please. 

My Spanish is getting better, but I have a hard time understanding people. I can speak but not understand. This is a little problematic, but I will figure it out. 

This week was good and I am excited to see who we can get in the water soon! We have a family that really likes to hear me speak English even though they don't understand it. I don't know why but it is what it is. 

Thank you for doing all that I asked! I love you guys and I will see you soon! I will let you know next week what time to expect the Skype call! Stay true! 

Con Amor,
Elder Reese

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