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Monday, April 24, 2017

20 New Investigators...

Hola Familia,
This week has been a little rough but awesome at the same time! My companion is in fact awesome and we have zero problems together. He is very laid back and so am I, so it all works out. President Pricoli is very quiet. He doesn't talk hardly at all but he is a good guy. We get a new mission President in June. His name is President Whiteside and I think he is from California. That is definitely something to look forward to. 

Mom, I am a missionary. If I didn't contact a single person in a week I should come home because I am not doing my job. (In my last email I asked Hunter if he had been able to get out and teach anyone or make any good contacts and this was his answer!)There is an expression in Spanish and it means to break your area or your mission. And me and Elder Vernaza definitely did that this week because we got 20 NEW INVESTIGATORS!!!! That is breaking Palmira. 

The city I am in is very nice. We have a huge mall within five minutes of walking so that is nice. I bought new shoes today because mine were terrible. My p-day shoes not my church shoes. The people are very nice. They all usually listen until the end and then say no or yes or whatever. 

My Spanish is getting better but it is definitely not perfect. Today is p-day obviously and I got some very sad news. Elder Lawrence decided to go home. He was one of the elders I was in the MTC with. This was actually very hard for me because we were in the same zone and I looked forward to seeing him every week. I am okay though I just pray for him and hope the best for him.

I need you to scan a copy of my patriarchal blessing to me. I can print it out here. Also, if you could mom, please write your conversion story for me. The feelings you had when dad baptized you and all that stuff. I have an investigator who is just the sweetest lady named Luceney Martinez. Her husband is a convert and an awesome one at that. I think that your story could help her. Also, I know you probably already sent my package but if you could put some specific songs on a USB for me and send them I would love that. This group called Anthem Lights has 2 hymn mash ups and I would like those. Also any Josh Groban and David Archuleta that is churchy. Also, if you got me a camera let me know next week because if not I'll buy one. 

I love you guys and I am always thinking about you!! I am doing good and I won't be making that return trip home until I can say I did it. Not I tried. Stay true. 

Con Amor,
Elder Reese

Monday, April 17, 2017

It's Hotter Here Than There...


Hola Family,
You know that place in the scriptures that you don't want to go to after you die? Yea its hotter here than it is there. My trainer's name is Elder Vernaza from Equador and his English is decent and we communicate very well. He is awesome!! I am in a place called Palmira in the Prado District.

From the time I  got to email last a lot has  happpened. We had our interviews with the President and he is very quiet.  After that we went to his house for lunch and  it was meatballs and rice and vegetables. I bet your crossing your fingers hoping I ate them. I definitley did not. Elder Lawrence fell asleep at the table though so I am ahead of the game. After that we had a lot of presentations and went to this really cool place overlooking Cali. The assistants to the president are Elders Rodriguez and Elder Soto . They are  awesome. Elder Soto is very funny and outgoing. I was standing next to him and he told me that he knew from my eyes that I would be an asistant eventually. I told him he was wrong but he just shook his head.

We  got Dominos that night and then we slept in the mission home. The next day we met our trainers and  left in the same bus to the train station. Elder Fryman had to say goodbye to me and Elder Lawrence there because me and Elder Lawrence are in the same zone. We took the bus and after that we got off and  split ways. I got all my stuff into our surprisingly big apartment  and then we left to go teach an investogator. Everyone we have run into is surprised by my Spanish.  

I could lie to you guys and say that it is so easy and I have never thought about going home but that's a lie.  We wake up at  6 30 and don't leave  until 1. The morning consists of  a lot of different things but  after we leave the house and walk the streets of Colombia am totally fine. I can do this. 

We have a lady ready to be baptized already and  I am pumped about that. On May 6.

About my package  please put some pictures in there! And if you're gonna give me another camera don't make it super cheap beacuse nobody has those. Please put a lot of snacks in there too! And make sure Grandma  Reese is sending letters to the mission office! I am having fun and I love you guys!  

Con amor,
Elder Reese

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

He Made It to Cali

I dont really have time to read any emails this is soley to say that I am alive and that I am here. This is my mission. As soon as I landed I felt more at home than ever in the past six weeks. It is all so green. I am sorry Dad I figured something like that happened but in about a month we will talk face to face and it will all be worth it. These missionaries are so awesome I cant wait to be like them. My goal is that eventually people look at me and say the same thing. That missionary in sacrament was sent to you Mom. I have no doubt about it. Everyone that was at the airport to recieve us was so impressed with my spanish and I am so proud because somewhere along the way I learned to work hard. I love you all and today is the start of the dunk count for Elder Reese in Cali and we are talking four digits here. Stay safe and stay true. 
Con Amor,
Elder Reese

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Last Week In the MTC

Hey Parents!!
I miss you guys and yes I got to watch conference live with everyone else and it was amazing. A few of the things I picked up are 
1) One person said that you should never stop loving someone for anything. That includes in your actions. When someone does something dumb you have to realize you do dumb things to because we all do. 
2) Read your Book of Mormon. President Monson spoke 3 times total. Twice it was the importance of the Book of Mormon. The other time it was being honest and having integrity.
3) This lady got up her name was Joy D Jones and she talked about how this little boy kept a promise with his sister because he said he would. Life is as simple as that. When you say your gonna do something you do it. There is no excuse for not following through unless there were certain circumstances. 

I really like that 70s talk as well. His name was Elder Costa and he said that the missionary that finally got to him was new and had limited Spanish. That is me in a week and probably for a few months. That really empowered me and gave me more hope. 

For my birthday I would like a cheap ipod shuffle or something with all the songs you can get. There is a group called Anthem Lights and they have some cool church songs and I am sure Brittany and Abby can help you with what would be cool. With that I want like a bluetooth speaker that you can charge rather than uses batteries. Also, more of my hair gel because I am almost out. It is the Paul Mitchell reformer with a red lid. You might have to go to the sports clips by Costco. Then any snacks you can think of. If you have any other ideas than by all means go ahead!

I have no idea where I will be stationed yet and I wont have a clue until I arrive at the mission home next Tuesday. I have no idea when my flight is and President said he has no idea how or if we will be able to call. Mom and Dad I would love to be able to talk to both of you at the same time but if not I will make sure to call you both separately if I can call at all. I know I leave early in the morning on Tuesday and that's all I know. Keep your phones on ring and I will try and call!

This week was very tense. Someone decided to steal 260 dollars out of the room of a Peruvian missionary who had worked a lot to save up that money. We had a huge meeting about it and President said the sooner that person returns that money the sooner God will forgive them. He also said that if that person doesnt return the money we wont be going to the temple becasue he will not allow an unclean thing to enter the house of the lord. Long story short it was not returned and I didnt get to go to the temple for the last time. We made the best of what we could! It is just saddening knowing that someone just sold their salvation for 260 dollars. Obviously there is still time but the longer they wait the harder it is! 

This week was great. I have had to be a leader this week because I am the only person of any authority on my floor. I have to be the bad guy alot but so be it. Our zone leader Elder Haynes told me after conference that every time I speak he feels the spirit and he just wanted to thank me for always sharing things. I will try again to get you some pictures mom! 

Anyone who reads this and didn't get a chance to watch conference or slept the whole time go do it. Before hand pray for answers and I know for a fact you will receive them. I love all of you and there are so many people that have helped shape who I am today. Keep in your hearts and your minds the words spoken this weekend. I love you all!
Con Amor,
Elder Reese