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Monday, April 24, 2017

20 New Investigators...

Hola Familia,
This week has been a little rough but awesome at the same time! My companion is in fact awesome and we have zero problems together. He is very laid back and so am I, so it all works out. President Pricoli is very quiet. He doesn't talk hardly at all but he is a good guy. We get a new mission President in June. His name is President Whiteside and I think he is from California. That is definitely something to look forward to. 

Mom, I am a missionary. If I didn't contact a single person in a week I should come home because I am not doing my job. (In my last email I asked Hunter if he had been able to get out and teach anyone or make any good contacts and this was his answer!)There is an expression in Spanish and it means to break your area or your mission. And me and Elder Vernaza definitely did that this week because we got 20 NEW INVESTIGATORS!!!! That is breaking Palmira. 

The city I am in is very nice. We have a huge mall within five minutes of walking so that is nice. I bought new shoes today because mine were terrible. My p-day shoes not my church shoes. The people are very nice. They all usually listen until the end and then say no or yes or whatever. 

My Spanish is getting better but it is definitely not perfect. Today is p-day obviously and I got some very sad news. Elder Lawrence decided to go home. He was one of the elders I was in the MTC with. This was actually very hard for me because we were in the same zone and I looked forward to seeing him every week. I am okay though I just pray for him and hope the best for him.

I need you to scan a copy of my patriarchal blessing to me. I can print it out here. Also, if you could mom, please write your conversion story for me. The feelings you had when dad baptized you and all that stuff. I have an investigator who is just the sweetest lady named Luceney Martinez. Her husband is a convert and an awesome one at that. I think that your story could help her. Also, I know you probably already sent my package but if you could put some specific songs on a USB for me and send them I would love that. This group called Anthem Lights has 2 hymn mash ups and I would like those. Also any Josh Groban and David Archuleta that is churchy. Also, if you got me a camera let me know next week because if not I'll buy one. 

I love you guys and I am always thinking about you!! I am doing good and I won't be making that return trip home until I can say I did it. Not I tried. Stay true. 

Con Amor,
Elder Reese

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