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Monday, October 16, 2017

There Was No Toilet Paper

Hey guys!
Sounds like you have had a blast!! (We are still cleaning out the bonus room) The bonus room needed to be cleaned out. Did you guys know that the term we use for that room is like only in our family? No one else says bonus room! It is a storage room for everyone else. I have no idea how we started calling it that but yea! 

Duke seems to be doing better! (Duke is learning to listen to Bill since Hunter left) He is a good dog. There are tons of dogs here. They all just run wild in the streets and eat garbage. 

There is a new Elder here from Ecuador and he is being trained by Elder Sarnowski. He is white. Anyways, Elder Sarnowski told me that his companion is deathly afraid of dogs. He always offers to pay a taxi to avoid a street with dogs on it. He is also afraid of cows and horses. Elder Sarnowski started to make up stories about the horses and cows and now his companion hides behind Elder Sarnowski every time they are by one of the three animals! 

This week we went to Popayan for a zone conference. That means 12 hours in a bus. 6 there and 6 back. Two Elders got sick this time and Elder Castro couldn't hold it and took a dump (I'm not sure this is proper missionary terminology, so please excuse him)in the bus bathroom and it stunk up the WHOLE bus. The problem was that he didn't check to see if there was toilet paper. There wasn't. 

The poor guy sat there for 1 hour and a half on the toilet until we stopped to buy some paper.

I also learned something that I thought I knew differently. My companion has told me that he has a back problem and has permission to rest every three hours. I believed him. 

At the conference I was talking the Presidents wife. Turns out that problem doesn't exist. I told her not to talk with him and that we would take care of it together. 

We got back to Pasto Friday at 1 in the morning. We slept in an hour longer because we were given permission! Then from that point on and the last three days we have not gone back to the house or taken any kind of rest and my companion has almost died. He goes to bed as soon as we get home. 

He asked me why we don't take breaks anymore. I told him that WE never did and that we did it for his back. Then I told him that I am not upset that he lied to me I just am gonna work and he has no choice now! 

Since then we have found an amazing family to teach that I love to death and that are super ready to keep going. They only have 2 lessons but I cant wait to teach them more! They have the cutest little  baby as well! 

We met a dude that is part of a Christian church that doesn't believe Christ was perfect. So that is something. 

Anyways, sounds like everything is going good over there! Please tell Grandma Reese I am getting her letters because I got another one and she said that no one has told her that I have gotten any! Love you all! 

Con Amor,
Elder Reese

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

God Does Have A Sense of Humor

Hey guys!
My companions name is Elder Acosta! Or Stinky Feet as some have been calling him.  (I told Hunter I couldn't remember his new companion's name)

My week was good! We found some new investigators and one of the old ones made some progress in her divorce! As soon as she is divorced she will get married again and we will baptize her and her husband! 

My companion used an example this week that I wasn't a huge fan of! It wasn't bad it was just a little awkward! 

We were teaching the Plan of Salvation and I had just explained that Adam and Eve were like children in the garden and that they needed to fall for our sake. 

My companion thought that it would be a good idea to share a little more so he asked her to imagine that I was Adam and that she was Eve. Then asked her how we would make children together. 

She then turned bright red and gave us the right answer anyways. I later told him that maybe we shouldn't use us in the example if he is going to use it!!! 

Yes I used to only eat potato pearls and without gravy. (We are cleaning out our storage room and found some potato pearls and I told Hunter they reminded me of him) That was all I would eat! They are better with gravy! 

You know I always suggested that we clean out the bonus room and that I should live in there and you all just laughed at me and now you get to do it without my help and your sick!! God does have a sense of humor sometimes!! 

I would love Grandpa Luckey's email! 

You wanted a little list of things to put in that Christmas package! 
An alpha smart would be great! 
A Triple combination in English! 
Some good cologne! Get opinions from outside sources first....(Who has better taste than his mom!?!)

I will add to that the next week but just buy what you would get me for Christmas

I hope all is well! Good job for sharing your testimony! As missionaries we do every fast Sunday! It is good practice! 

Love you all! 

Con Amor,
Elder Reese

Monday, October 2, 2017

I Happened To Be Present For All Of Conference...

Hey guys!
I happened to be present for all of conference so I did happen to hear that Elder Hales died . 

Conference was super great but before I get to that I will talk about my week! 

My new companion from Peru got here on Monday and we have had no problems other than the fact that everyday he just wears these steal toed work boots to proselyte and at night I want to die. The big problem is that he wears THE SAME SOCKS EVERYDAY. 

Luckily and through revelation Elder Carrion left this pet spray when he left and when my companion goes upstairs or something I drench his shoes in it. Also the room.

He is also very smart but he has a very low tolerance for people that say something wrong and he knows what is right. He has four out of six years in college down of biochemical engineering. 

As for other sad news. Elder Acosta came from my old zone and informed me that Arley Martinez my old ward mission leader from a previous are and also the husband of Luceny who we almost baptized was shot in the head and killed 3 weeks ago over his motorcycle.

He fought back and they shot him in front of his 11 year old daughter and his wife.

Obviously this is terrible but faith in Christ, like explained in conference, isn't always faith that he will save us here on earth. Saving means that he can take whoever he wants to live with him once again. Faith in Christ signifies faith in his perfect plan as well. 

As for my package just more treats and some cool ties that aren't super fat!! Also, some more cool tie tacks would be cool! I have started a trend here! I put them on my back pack and everyone started doing it! I want more! I will make a list this week for more things! 

As for your lesson mom. If you would like something interesting to speak about just read the miracles of Christ and his attributes. Also, a good story is with Ammon and how all he did was serve King Lamoni. He wanted to just live there and King Lamoni offered Ammon one of his daughters and he declined and asked to be his servant instead. He continued to serve very faithfully up until the conversion of King Lamoni and his wife. 

You could use the talk of Elder Eyring this conference as well to help support that story. I believe it was the Sunday session. 

Anyways, just a suggestion! Love you all!!! 

Con Amor,
Elder Reese

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

It Wasn't Super Amazing, It Was Just Super Fun!

Hey guys,
So this week was interesting. 

First of all, about transfers. I am staying in the same area but a new companion is coming that I know from Palmira that has a really hard time getting along with anyone. He is famous, but not like George Washington. Which means that I have to show president again that I can deal with adversity.

Also, we had a talent show and the district of missionaries wanted to do a dance of a few mixed songs. We all voted on songs and picked them and then I somehow got around to choreographing the whole thing...

The thing is that it wasn't super amazing, it was just super fun! I will try and get the video for you guys.

We taught this lesson this week to a girl we contacted who was waiting for her sisters to get home because she didn't have keys. We talked to her and then came back the next day. We taught about the restoration and we usually take turns explaining different points of it. I got to the part about Joseph Smith and the first vision. I recited the first vision and explained.

After the first vision she couldn't take her eyes off the picture of Joseph Smith. We moved on with the lesson as usual but I felt the spirit so strong testifying to her. 

At the end I asked if she had questions. She then told us that she and her family are very catholic and that she believes in all that catholic stuff. She then started to talk about how strange the Joseph Smith stuff was and how she wanted to say it wasn't true. But, somehow she said she couldn't say it. She couldn't speak the words. In that moment she knew she couldn't deny it. 

This was an awesome experience. There are so many times as missionaries that you feel the spirit so strong and then people just deny it and you feel so upset. But these moments make up for all the bad ones. 

Anyways, I will update you guys about my first week with Elder Acosta!! 

I hope the Meridian Temple goes off without a hitch!! Love you all!! 

Con Amor,

Elder Reese

Monday, September 18, 2017

All The Gangsters Say Hi To Us

Hey guys!
The package has arrived in Cali so I just need to take it out! 

I have gained a huge testimony of the temple since I haven't been able to go back! There should be no excuses for those members at home to go at least once a month because there are people here that have to ride a bus for 15 hours just to go and they do it. It is the only vacation that some people ever get to take during the year but they are so excited to do it! 

First of all I told you that he got baptized. (I told him about a kid he went to school with who got baptized and I didn't remember that) Second of all YOU know him because he played lacrosse with me! Also, the other stories were super cool! (I told him some missionary stories I heard this week) Sometimes I just like to say little scriptures in my head to motivate me. 

One thing that I love to do is contact. I have now learned how to put my personality in Spanish. Before it was hard because I was scared that I wouldn't know and all that but now I can do it! So that means that almost everyone accepts a lesson from us because I don't take no for an answer. 

I don't have any baptisms still but we are starting to find new investigators and some are progressing! 

This week this dude named Fosoforo told us that we didn't have to worry because he had our back and now all the gangsters say hi to us on the street!

Anyways, I love you guys!! Stay strong!! Oh and transfers are next week I don't think I am going anywhere but if I don't email that is why!! 

Con Amor,
Elder Reese

Monday, September 11, 2017

Don't Come For My Birthday, Please

Hey guys!
This week was interesting. 

My companion turned 20 on Saturday! I bought him lunch today and that made his chubby self happy. 

Here is the crazy thing. This investigator we have is super nice and loves us to death and she wanted to have us over for his birthday. We told her we wanted bbq ribs so she gladly bought them. 

Thursday she told us that she had a surprise for us. I had no idea and neither did my companion. 

Saturday we headed to her house and as we got closer to her door my companion stopped and didn't want to go any further. I asked him why and he pointed at the man at the door and said because that is my Dad!!!! 

It turns out that his Mom, Dad and sister all came down to see him for his birthday!

He wasn't happy either but it all worked out. They aren't members by the way. They didn't know better. Don't come here for my birthday please. (RUDE!)

I had English classes to teach this week on Friday and just with my luck this huge storm just started about thirty minutes. We stopped by the house and I grabbed my umbrella and he (his companion) laughed at me because I had an umbrella. I walked outside and after about five seconds he started running and screaming for me to hurry up because he was getting drenched. So I walked slowly with my silly umbrella. It also took 30 minutes to find a taxi.

No one went to the classes so that was great...

I played guitar at a baptism for the other missionaries to sing along. 

Other than that this week was great. It is kind of a rough area. Elder Vernaza was here and he used to tell me how he knocked every door here and in 12 weeks he didn't even have a baptismal date. Yay!

Anyways, love you guys! 

Con Amor,
Elder Reese
This is what Hunter had to say about the photographs he sent this week:
So here in Colombia it is very common to throw eggs and flour at the birthday boy or girl and my district did it to my companion. It was way worse before the picture, but no taxi would accept us til we made him presentable. The other is him with his birthday cake and the other is my favorite dish in Colombia. It is called a Picada. It consists of a whole bunch of different meats and potatoes. It was delicious! Enjoy! 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Don't Ask Hunter to Try New Things

Hey Guys!
First things first. I ordered a hamburger last Monday and it came with a sauce that it never comes with. I decided to take the high road and try new things. It wasn't that bad. 

Tuesday waking up with a fever of 102 and the worst head and body ache was the bad part. From Tuesday until now  I have had deadly diarrhea. I have pooped over 60 times in 6 days. 

Moral of the story is Hunter doesn't try new things, so don't ask Hunter to try new things.

Now that we got that out of the way. This week has been one of the harder ones due to the dashing to the house every hour to poop. Also, we went to Popayan Wednesday to go to a zone conference on Thursday

I felt decent Wednesday but we had to sleep on these air mattresses and my companion was not happy because he said he was longer and wider than the beds. We had to blow them up with our mouths as well. The best part was watching my companion wake up at 3 laying on the ground blowing it back up like I told him would happen! 

Bad part is I didn't sleep at all. And I got sick again in the conference and they just let me sleep; it was terrible. 

Other than that we are starting English classes for people to come to. That should be fun! 

Other than that I have nothing to report! My companion is doing fine. I love you guys! Stay strong! 

Con AMor,
Elder Reese