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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Everything Is Going Great!

Hey guys!
I have pictures to send this week but no recording I will try and do that next week!
This week was good! On Monday my companion turned 20 so the Mission President and his wife took us all out to eat to celebrate. The only problem is that every Monday at 11 we have office meeting and it usually finishes around 1 because that is when we have lunch waiting for us at home.
The difference on Monday and sometimes on other Mondays, was that there was no lunch waiting for us because they were going to take us out. Every time that we do that President just keeps going and going because there is nothing stopping him and we just keep bringing up new topics and what not and by the end we have all just decided to not bring up anything else until the next week.
We went to this restaurant called the Gringo. It is like an American restaurant that has burgers and lots of other American things. It is also the place where I tried onion rings and liked them. I put them on my burger this time. I still don’t like JalepeƱo poppers though.
Elder Whiting is doing really good! He is learning a lot the only thing that is a little hard is that when he does things in his own way which isn’t wrong but just slower than the way I used to do it. I just tell him he can do it however it makes more sense to him. But deep down it slowly kills me sometimes but I know he is doing nothing wrong.
On Wednesday we had a cool experience. Elder Sarnowski got this phone call from a random guy that had found his number on the internet and he said he was right outside our office but we weren’t there. He said he wanted a blessing and that he was from Venezuela. We hurried back to the office and he was just sitting down waiting for us.
As we walked up the stairs he was very tired and walked very slowly. He spoke English as well. He was a member of the church and had all the information to give to us. We then gave him a blessing and after the blessing he started telling us a few things about his journey. He had left his house 17 days prior and walked from the border all the way to Cali. That is a very long walk.
He then told us he had not eaten in 2 full days and that he left an 8 month old son at home and his wife.
He had a friend that was going to help him but his friend left without telling him so he had no way to get home and was stuck with no job and no money.
We took him back to the house and gave him some lunch but he was so ashamed he couldn’t look us in the eyes. He really didn’t want to make us give him anything. He dished up his own plate and took a normal serving of everything. Every now and again he would stop and tell us he was very ashamed to be there.
He said that for 17 years the missionaries had come to his house to eat and now he was eating at their house. He continued to talk a little bit more and then he said ¨I have never…I have never felt so much fear of dying than today. I couldn’t stop thinking about my family and never seeing them again because I just had no way out.¨  And he started to cry.
He literally thought that his life was going to end until he looked us up somehow on the internet and got ahold of us and we called our bishop to meet with him at 6 and we sent him on his way.
He got to the meeting at 6 and now has a place to stay and is going to move forward from there.
It just got me to think about how we complain about every little thing in life. We really do. And here he was genuinely trying to not eat our food that lands on our plate everday at 1 after having walked 17 days and 2 days without eating. Just think about that the next time doesn’t go your way.
The C family is progressing really well. They know they want to get baptized but they aren’t married and they are trying to figure out a date and I am pretty sure it will be after I leave. That is kind of upsetting but at the same time not a huge deal to me. As long as they do it I will be happy!
GREAT NEWS!! Do you guys remember Amanda Guzman? The first lady I was able to baptize in the mission? I received news that she will be going to the temple to receive her endowments in a couple weeks. It was probably one of the happiest moments of my mission to receive that news. That is the goal with literally everyone and she is going.
We got the chance to teach another Venezuelan as well that already read 1st and 2nd Nephi. Towards the end of the lesson we asked him if he would pray to God to know if the Book of Mormon was true. He responded ¨I don’t really need to. I already know it is true.¨
That was so cool to hear. It is soooo much fun to teach someone that actually does the things we invite them to do. Because they really do start to gain a testimony and God does answer their prayers.
As for you Dad happy Fathers Day! I know it is tomorrow and I hope you get to enjoy it! Thank you for all the years of patcience and the support you have given me in all my decisions with sports, choir, scouts, church callings, and everything else that I have done. Sorry there is no skype call I didn’t make the rules! I hope you have a great day know that I love you and that you are always in my prayers!
Also, dont feel bad that my package wont arrive on time. I am happy regardless! 

Everything is going great! Transfers are on the 16th of July! I love you guys be safe! 

Con amor,
Elder Reese 

Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Lord's Team Always Wins

Hey guys,
So I started training the missionary that is replacing me! His name is Elder Whiting and he is from Arizona. He was actually from the first group I received as a secretary. I have been in the office his entire mission apart from the CCM.
He is a super good missionary. I am glad he is my replacement. Teaching someone how to do all of this stuff is very tiring. At the end of transfers I was super tired because I had to do everything I normally do AND teach someone else how to do it.
The good news is that this means in 5 weeks I will definitely be leaving the office!! I will have 5 transfers left to be a normal missionary! You know that saying that goes ¨Hell hath no fury like a women scorned.¨ Well, heaven hath no fury like a missionary cooped up in an office for 9 months and finally gets out. I made references to the office like it is a zoo because I have this big window right in front of my computer and my desk and when other missionaries come in they just look at me sometimes like a caged animal. They aren’t that far off either.
This transfer I had to say goodbye to two of my best friends in the mission. One was Elder Stucki who was a secretary when I got here and the other was Elder Wright who was my companion and the assistant for 7 and a half months. They were two of the best missionaries I have ever met.
Also, this transfer all of the flights got delayed for everyone so I had to make emergency phone calls to all the families and stake leaders because everyone’s itineraries changed. That was an unexpected mess.
We made some really great progress this week with the Collazo family. They have already expressed their desires to get baptized but they aren’t married. Fernando expressed that he didn’t feel ready because he wanted to get better in a lot of things but we explained that baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost are two major tools that help us become better.
He thought about it and realized that we were right and asked us what he needed to do with his marriage. He said he was just going to have to go get it done at the notary one day and not worry about a big wedding.
The best part was when he told us he really wanted to do it so that he could get sealed to his family which is a topic we had barely talked about. We are going to go back to their house on Saturday and see what date they have chosen.
I learned that there is an Elder From Idaho Falls coming to this mission in October and also one from Eagle and one from Meridian. There is a good chance that the one from Idaho Falls still doesn’t have his call so we don’t wanna ruin that surprise!
Also, the other day we were in the office and we heard this crash and looked at the window and this dude had rolled his car basically on our porch. The car was upside down and I saw this little pink blanket on the ground so I ran down the stairs and it turned out it was some idiot that stolen a car and was the only passenger. I was very relieved to not see a child in that car.
We helped him flip the car back up in its side (before we knew it was stolen) and then he got in it and tried to start it. That is when I realized he was kind of dumb because he tried to start an engine that had been upside down. Anyways, he got arrested and they got the car of our porch.
Funny story, when we went to the airport the lady at the check in desk was a little too friendly but that is just how most the women are in this country. Then when I got all of the papers back she had left me her phone number and address. What did I do? I gave the information to the missionaries that are assigned to her area and they are going to teach her the restored gospel. The Lords team always wins.
Some of my favorite times with President Whitesides is when I can get him to start making jokes and everyone laughs and I keep making comments to encourage him to keep going and then Sister Whitesides gets mad at us both! Now sometimes President will whisper something funny to me and then tell me not to tell Sister Whitesides he did it haha
Dad as for your talk, in Preach my Gospel there are tons of things that talk about how to receive blessings from the spirit and promptings. In order to minister you HAVE to have the gift of the Holy Spirit and you HAVE to know how to act on the promptings he gives you. 

Ministering is planning to teach something and upon the arrival of your visit you change according to the needs of the people. 

Arriving to someones house that is in the middle of unpacking and you prepared a lesson on tithing and you continue to teach that lesson you are failing as a minister. You need to act. You have been baptized and confirmed in order to ¨Feed the sheep of Christ.¨ John 21:17 

Your calling in the church does not set the bar on your ability to minster. Bishop, Presidents, pianists, quorum leaders, or people without a calling are limited only by themselves. You don't have to wait for the relief society president to tell you to take dinner to your next door neighbor who just had a kid. You do it as soon as you know it needs to be done. That is your calling as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

We are no longer home and visiting teacher because God trusts us as his children to not need a handicap such as a coordinator who has to nag on people and try and get them to do all their visits. Do you think my Mission President calls me and every other missionary in the morning to see who we will visit and what time and what we will teach? No! That would be stupid. He knows we are set apart to teach repentance and baptize converts. So he prays for us and gives us council and knows we will do it.

That is a little piece of ministering. 

The next transfer is the 16th of July

Anyways, That is all for me! Love you all! 

Elder Reese 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

I Put My Dirty Socks in His Pillowcase

Hey guys!
This week was absolutely hectic!! 

I had to go to the airport 3 times and I will go a fourth fifth and sixth time this next week starting tomorrow

The first two times I went I just had to help people from our mission go on their mission to a different place which means they bring their stuff and documents and everything and it is pretty easy for me. 

The third time however, was a sister missionary that just got here last transfer that has a bad knee that just doesn't work. I was so busy and didn't want to go but I knew I had to. 

The whole day I couldn't really remember why I was going to the airport but then I remembered who it was. So the transport got there and Elder Sarnowski and I just got on and picked her up and went to the airport. 

After I called the travel agency to help us he came and gave her the boarding pass to use at the check in. He told her to give them that with her passport and what not. When he said the word passport I looked to the sister to ask her if she had brought it but before I spoke I realized that this time that was 100% my responsibility and that I had forgotten it. 

I didnt freak out I just started making calls. The other secretaries started trying to break into my little closet where I keep my safe and all the passports but they couldn't (I had the keys). I didn't think I would have time to go all the way there and back but I tried. 

As I was going they called and said they got in through the window outside. I told them the safe code and they came to the airport! 

She barely made it into her flight but she made it. For the last 7 months twice a day I have asked God for the strength neccesary to do my job. He has never failed me but there are times when he makes me work a little harder. 

GOOD NEWS!!! Elder Whiting is on his way here now to replace me as a secretary!!! That means that this whole next transfer I will be training him and then after it is over I get to leave!!! By the time I leave the office I will have less time in my mission than I spent in the office. Weird huh? 

My companion and I get along very well. The other day I put my dirty socks in his pillow case and he slept with them in there for 2 days. It was terribly gross. 

President and Sister Whitesides took us out to lunch today to a Mexican restaurant. I ordered these two pork chops. Sister Whitesides says I am too complicated. I told her that is how I know when people love me it is true. She just laughed and said that is true. 

Sounds like Kylie is going to have a good ol fashioned barnyard wedding. There is nothing wrong with that. 

One of my favorite Thomas S. Monson quotes is ¨Dare to be a Mormon, dare to stand alone, dare to have a purpose firm, dare to make it known.¨ Just be you don't let the people change you! 

Today this homeless lady asked me for money but I didn't have any and kept walking and she grabbed me by the arm and walked with me and wouldn't let go so I just kept walking but so did she! Finally she let go but it was weird. 

Anyways, that is about it this week it was pretty boring! Love you guys! Give Kylie a hug for me!! 

Con amor, 
Elder Reese 

Saturday, May 26, 2018

I Almost Shot Myself

Hey guys,
Good news!! DIANA AND HER KIDS GOT BAPTIZED TODAY!!! WOOHOO!! So we had to push the date forward once because her kids weren’t quite ready but today they got baptized but they will get confirmed tomorrow which is just as important. I will let you guys know how that goes next week!
Hunter and Taylor are off to Seattle it sounds like. I hope they behave themselves. I feel older everytime something happens in peoples lives at home. I remember their first tryouts in soccer as freshmen.
I love the way all of the Apostles speak. They are all different but they all hit home. 
What cell phone do you have now? I cant even remember what phones exist. Mine is called an alcatel one touch if you want to look it up. (Not sure where that came from!)
Way to go Reese! (My grandson is learning how to go potty!) Sometimes you almost loose control of your potty training abilities as a missionary. A missionary told me a story about his Dad that only gave him one word of advice at the airport when he left. 
(I'm so sorry about this next story!) His dad was a pretty serious guy but when he hugged him goodbye all he said was ¨Never trust a fart.¨ 
This Elder didn't understand until one day in a lesson he let out a silent fart and it came out wet. Then he just chuckled and understood what his dad was talking about. 
One of my other investigators attended the baptism today and I know that her and her husband and her daughter are going to get baptized. They just had a baby like 4 months ago and she is adorable. 
Take some pictures at Kylies (Hunter's cousin) wedding for me! I wish I was there to support her.
I like that BiMart (One of his dad's FAVORITE stores) is closer now. I hated going before because it was so far but now I can deal with that.
This week while the APs were gone we found a roman candle in a closet and it was pretty old. I didn't think it would actually work so I lit it. Turns out the fire comes out from the same end as the wick. Who knew? I almost shot myself. The worst part was that it was super loud and bright and there were 30 of them. Also, at this point all the other secretaries that agreed to be a part of it had fled. In a panicked state I broke it in half hoping they wouldn't come out anymore. I was wrong.
They just started coming out by fives. Eventually they stopped and we all learned a lesson. 
Anyways, that is it for this week! Love you guys.
Elder Reese

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Have You Ever Eaten Spaghetti with Rice?

Hey guys,
I hope everyone had a good Mothers Day!! 

It was so good to see everybody. I didn't expect so many people to be there but I am glad they were.

 It seems weird to think about Hunter and Taylor graduating (family friends)

The ward split seems like a good change. It is no different than having transfers in the mission. They are directed by God just the same.

I had no idea that the church was pulling out of scouts. That makes me sad. That was one of the best parts of being a young man in the church. I hope that the church can find some sort of curriculum to make up for it. 

Mom should start taking Duke on walks he would love it!(Duke would end up taking Mom on a walk instead) Mom wouldn't but hey he is going to get fat! I saw Kameron chasing Duke around in the skype call. He is a cute little boy.  

Yea the time just keeps counting down I don't know what to do about it. I have gone to the airport probably over 30 times here in the office and I have never once had a desire to get on one and go home. God still has plenty of things for me to do here. 

I am glad Grandma and Grandpa will have their laundry room upstairs. I wish I was there to help with the project. 

You will be great at your new calling Mom! You have a degree in being a secretary so it will be super easy!

Costa Rica and Colombia are very different.(I met an Elder who was getting ready to go to Costa Rica) Costa Ricans are very relaxed people. There is also a lot of very pretty beach in Costa Rica. 

As for your story Mom, (I asked Hunter to give me a story I could tell in church tomorrow) I want to talk about why President Nelson has focused on Ministering instead of Home and Visiting teaching. 

I was privileged to meet Fabio Viosotis when I first started my mission. His house was actually the first house I ever visited as a missionary in the field. He had been investigating the Church for more than 3 years and went to church every Sunday but still could not make the decision to get baptized. The missionaries just retaught him the lessons over and over and over. 

My companion one day asked him how he was doing with reading his Book of Mormon. He said he only read it while he was with us but read the Bible every night. 

My companion smiled and said okay well lets keep reading then. Every time we visited him we read the Book of Mormon and left a part of it for him to read. We didnt talk about the Plan of Salvation or the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We talked about the Book of Mormon because that is what he needed. 

Later we had a very powerful family home evening with some members and there was a video played where Jeffrey R, Holland testifies of the Book of Mormon. 

When we went by his house the next week his daughter was full of happiness when she told us he had started reading the Book of Mormon all by himself. 

Two weeks after he scheduled his own baptism and was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 

There are plenty other stories that I could share about ministering. That is just something that I have learned here on my mission. 

As for my mission in total. It is the best mission there is. Colombians are the happiest people that exist. They don't complain about what they don't have they just smile for what they do have. 

There have been few times that I have been mistreated by the people here. The food is great. There is rice with every meal. The other day the lady that gives us lunch made spaghetti with a side of rice. Have you ever eaten spaghetti with rice? Me either. I just ate spaghetti to avoid the weight of all of that. 

I love Colombians. I love being here. I love my family but I am happy to love them from a distance for now. I love all of the people in my new ward as well. Que Dios les bendiga! 

There ya go mom! 

Diana and her 2 kids will be getting baptized this Saturday!! WOOOHOOO!! 

Anyways, that is it for today! I love you guys!! 

Con amor, 
Elder Reese

Mother's Day Weekend

Hey Guys,
Don't be surprised if I don't write much today because I will be skyping tomorrow at 4 o'clock your time! 

I have a new baby nephew!! Woohoo! He is healthy and happy and that makes me happy so all is well! Madelyn has not seemed to realize the disadvantages to being the oldest yet so better to keep it that way! 

I am glad to hear that things are getting done at Grandma and Grandpas house! I am very excited to talk to everyone tomorrow!

By the way I got my package! Thank you all for everything!! 

Ricky (One of Hunter's best friends) is going into the Air Force in a couple of months and he is super excited. He will go to basic training in San Antonio Texas. 

I love my new companion he is one of the best! We are really focusing on baptism in every lesson now to figure out the people that are ready for us. 

 If we had Iphones we would get robbed so fast it would be more like the church starting a charity for thieves in Colombia.

Anyways, I will talk to you tomorrow! Love you! 

Elder Reese

Saturday, May 5, 2018

It Rained So Hard That Nobody Came To Church

Hey guys,
No I did not get my package yet and I dont know why! I have been waiting for it but sometimes the south american mailing systems really are terrible.

I hope Dad had fun fishing this week and that he caught some good stuff! I was actually talking about fishing this week with this guy that always takes us to the airport and he said he would love to do it. It takes patience though! 

That is a weird split. (We just got assigned to a new ward with new boundaries) The ward is probably really small. I dont know very many people there either. Doesnt Pierce Yeakley get home pretty soon? That is not a very high number of missionaries! (Our new ward only has two missionaries out in the field). That means that when I get home it will be a new year and we shouldnt have church at 1 which is good news! 

Do you guys know what you are going to do with the house? What you are going to add on and where? (We have decided to add to on to our house to make it bigger)

I did hear about Gretchen and I am very happy that everything is okay! I am excited to meet the little guy! 

I will have some baptisms coming up it is just that this Sunday it rained SOOOO hard that nobody came to church. So the people that were going to get baptized could not because they didnt attend church. 

Elder Godoy is going to be a part of the Presidency of the Seventy but he wont start until August. 

It sounds like Reese is growing up all the time. Dad says he can talk a lot better now which is great. He wants to mow the lawn now but when he is older he is going to hate it. I remember I mowed the lawn for Adam once and I just had no desire to mow the top part cause it takes forever so I skipped it and hoped he didnt notice. He noticed because it was soooo obvious. Mans gotta try! 

I am excited to talk to all the family members that I will be able to see next Sunday! I love you all please be safe! Everything else is in my voice recording! 

Con amor,
Elder Reese