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Monday, May 15, 2017

Blessings of the Priesthood

Hey Guys!
Thank you so much for the Skype call, it was awesome. I enjoyed seeing everyone and having some laughs! I have a lot of them here as well though. Me and Elder Vernaza are always laughing and making jokes. 

I hope you guys enjoyed my call. I didn't really know what to say. It is weird because I don't think you guys knew either so I just started talking. Elder Vernaza said dad has a cool beard and that he looks a little scary. I just laughed and said he really isn't and that a lot of people that don't know him say that. 

Elder Vernaza is a good boy mom and an amazing missionary (I told Hunter I thought his companion looked like a good boy). And yes there really was an accident yesterday (It was very loud where Hunter was calling from and we heard a crash and apparently there was really a crash), but nobody was seriously hurt so it is all good. Yes it was a real building with walls and yes it is usually pretty hectic. As for the baptism she gets to choose and she has time to choose. It isn't important to me because as long as she gets in the water and is fully immersed she will be clean regardless of the missionary who dunks her. She was a reference from the zone leaders. I can print stuff off here yes.  (Hunter and his companion are going to baptize an investigator and I asked him who was going to baptize her)

Anyways, I wasn't super homesick after the Skype call I was relieved. I just wanted to go work and as soon as we hit end and payed we were off to an appointment. We found out last night that the boyfriend of the sister of one of the members here was hit and killed by a car yesterday. That was hard because she just shut everyone out.

Anyways, I love you all and I am keeping my guitar so I can learn hymns mom (He found someone who makes guitars and got one). I am doing great I don't think that me or my companion will transfer this time. I hope you all stay strong. 

Before I go, I have an experience I want to share. We have this family called the R family. D is 16 and she has been having stomach problems the last two weeks. Finally we told her that we had that authority we had been talking about called the Priesthood and with that we have the privilege to give blessings to help those who are sick or afflicted. She said immediatly that she wanted a blessing. Her whole family was there and I sealed the oil first and then Elder Vernaza gave the blessing. When he started the blessing, the spirit started to manifest itself. As he continued I couldn't hold my hands still and I almost couldn't stand. He ended the blessing and she stood up with this strange look on her face. She said thank you. She said she feels better and knows that she won't have problems with it anymore. The important thing about this story is that it wasn't the words Elder Vernaza said. It was the fact that we have the power and authority and the gift of the Holy Ghost. As members of this church solely through our actions the Holy Ghost will do amazing things.

I will pray for Todd. That is a good reason to go to the temple by the way! 

Con Amor,
Elder Reese

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