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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Answers in the Temple

Hello parents and apparently a couple others that read this too!

This week was fantastic! The new missionaries got here and we have only Nortes in our room! One of them is from Blackfoot! They are pretty cool. I refuse to speak any English to them at night because we need to be like Latinos. This week we were doing a mock investigator with our teacher and me and my companion were teaching on the Book of Mormon. He had questions and it was going alright. He is always very tired and doesn't pay attention a lot. Elder Kelley was talking and I got this impression to just start talking. I bore my testimony about the Book of Mormon and what it means to me. I told him that I know that without a doubt when I get worried or homesick or I need something that I can open that Book and feel complete peace. I said other things I don´t even remember but me and Jairo, the investigator, were both crying because even though the appointment was fake the spirit was real. 

In class again, this one with another Elder, he had to teach me the law of chastity and before this I had taught him and he gave me a little bit of a hard time so I made a plan. Keep in mind all of this is in Spanish every lesson and every class has no English in it. Anyways, he starts talking and I seemed like a really good investigator and understood how you weren´t supposed to do certain things before marriage and I stated because you don´t want kids before your ready right? He agreed and I said that will be no problem with me and he got really excited. He asked me another question and I replied with ¨no yo tango mi novio, juan¨ for you gringos that means no I have my boyfriend Juan. He barley contained his composure. As he started stumbling with his words I simply stated that it is okay because we can´t have kids. That's when he lost it. I thought it was so funny and so did our teacher. 

The temple today was amazing and I got some answers I really needed. Dad, I remember once you told me you regret never going on a mission. I know for a fact that you weren't supposed to. You were supposed to baptize one of the best converts in the church and that's mom. Thought that me and Abby have and will bless people through our missions because of that. I tell people all the time you didn't serve a mission but are a better man than most could hope to be. And mom I tell everyone about how you are one of my best friends and how you run funny! 

Anyways, I have not received any letters from Grandma so I will talk to president but the rule is send everything to the mission office which you wrote down mom. 3 months is the average time for packages so send Christmas in October! If any people have questions about the gospel I challenge each and everyone of the people that read this to be a missionary. You don't need a name tag to teach this gospel. I love you all so much. Stay strong! 
Con Amor, 
Elder Reese
P.S. For a good laugh read 2 kings chapter 2 verses 23 and 24. Next time you get made fun of for being bald keep that in mind Dad,

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