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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

102 Degrees!

Hey guys, 
This week was much faster and it was good. The latinos rarely let me and Elder Skinner on the same team because we are the two best. The food is mostly normal meats like beef chicken and sometimes pork. (I asked him what kind of food he is eating) Oh btw I am typing this all bundled up because i got sick after the temple today. A temperature of 102 degrees. woohoo. On the bright side its the first time I've shivered in Colombia. On the way to the temple (by the way the traffic and drivers are insane!) (Can you believe an 18 year old boy is saying that!) Anyways on the freeway we were hit by a couple on a motorcycle because motorcycles are allowed to squeeze between lanes. The crashed  (motorcycle?) and the driver got sucked under the bus and our bus driver stopped right as the tires would have surely crushed him to death. Pretty cool huh? Anyways my Spanish is coming along great and I'm super happy. We are doing mock lessons with investigators that are our teachers and it's hard but even though it's fake sometimes I can feel the spirit strongly anyways. The temple is amazing here and I got some awesome answers in the celestial room today. I prayed about a question for days and it turned out God answered the one that wasn't coming out of my mouth but the one in my heart that I was to scared to ask. I shouldn't have been scared! It was amazing! I'm gonna share photos wit h you through google drive so be ready for it! (I hope that works! I'm not sure if I know how to access them or if he knows how to get them to me!) I love you guys so much I'm doing fine and they are taking great care of me! Hermana Hansen the presidents wife, gave me Gatorade and crackers so I'm good! 
Con amor,
Elder Reese

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