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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Dirty Dozen

Hey parents, 
My fever went away the next day but unfortunately I have been spending the most time on the toilet. My rear exhaust is like raw. Can I say that as a missionary? Oh well too late. This week was amazing and my Spanish is one of the best out of the nortes. I would say there are only 2 that are equal or better than me. I am here for 3 more weeks so a total of six. Which means this morning all the other Nortes and all the Latinos left which just left us 12. Presidnet Hansen calls us the dirty dozen and we love it. Which means today was an amazing day. We got to go to one of the most sacred places in Colombia. I cant remember what its called but it is this old Catholic church on top of the mountains in Bogota. It was the most beautiful places I have been in my life. I will try and send pictures but this camera isn't cooperating. We went to an American burger joint called El Corral and it was so good. Speaking of which I payed with card and I need you to check and see if there's a huge fee for using it here. The meal should have been about 20 dollars. So in three weeks I will head to Cali with Elder Fryman and Elder Lawrence. I am allowed to call you in the airport but it might be like 2 am your time. If you would like me to wait and just email you I will but if you want me to call just let me know what phone you would like me to call. I bought some ties and a WHOLE BUNCH OF SNACKS. They will be my saving grace. When we were getting ready to leave this morning our drivers only spoke Spanish so President Hansen assigned me and Elder Miskemmens to different cars because he claimed our Spanish was the best. that made me feel really good but I don't want to let anyone down. I understood and translated all day which was fun! Oh and I am the new district leader over our district. It's nothing special you just make sure no ones being stupid. Which is funny because out of our whole district guess who would be the most likely candidate for something like that would be? I won't answer that but you know. Everyone has told me Cali is beautiful and it is really hot. We also went proselyting on Saturday. They bused us all to a random place in Bogota and let us go for a couple hours. Me and Elder Skinner were very successful. We handed out all our Books of Mormon and got four contacts. Antonio, Anderson, Steven, and Daniel. We just walked right up to them and started talking it was a little nerve racking but I wasn't about to go home empty handed. We got the most out of all the Nortes. We were pretty proud. We will get our new room mates tonight and I learned that our whole room will be Nortes which is unheard of. I need to ask president if there is a reason for that. Anyways things are great here I wouldn't change any of this for the world. A lot of times I feel like the biggest sacrifice is being made by you guys because this is awesome. Oh funny story. Elder Skinner was buying his snacks and he accidentally got into the own baggage line or whatever its called. (I'm not sure what that is) So he ended up buying this huge bag from the store. The lady said some stuff he didn't understand so he said yes. She scanned a card and said thank you. Elder Skinner is a new donor to the hungry children fund. How charitable. I almost peed my pants because he realized what had just happened and knew we all watched it happen. I love and miss you all. I will always pray for you every chance I get! 
Con Amor,
Elder Reese

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