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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Cow's Toe Jam

Hey guys!! its been a crazy week!! So much fun but so hard!! The weather is either super warm and sunny or pretty warm and rainy! The showers are cold in the MTC. So odds are in the mission field they will be!! (He is used to long HOT showers!) My MTC president when he talked to me he said that he has always been a picky eater and he doesn't eat a lot of the food either! Then he had me try something. it was weird, but it wasn't bad. It ended up being the gelatin inside of a cows foot. Woohoo. These computers are programmed for Spanish, so all my errors I would have to go and change so sorry, deal with it!! 

I had an experience the second night that was a little overwhelming. I was getting ready for bed and this overwhelming dark feeling come over me and I felt like I just needed to come home. It was the most intense disgusting feeling I have ever felt. As soon as I could, I knelt down and prayed and it got worse as my prayer was going. As it ended the feeling disappeared. It hasn't come back since. I know for a fact that was Satan trying to stop me from doing something amazing. I kicked his butt though, so its all good. The whole group of nortes (Elders?) are amazing. We are all so close already its amazing. Me and my companion Elder Kelley really get along. Elder Skinner is the only other soccer player that's white and we are the best players and they all hate it. We always win. The food really isn't that bad and we have rice and meat everyday so its not bad. Elder Fryman from Kentucky arrived two days late because his plane broke down and he has the accent and all. He is an amazing guy. He is 23 and he went to UK for three and a half years before this. He took calc 1 2 3 and 4 and physics 1 2 and 3 and a lot of other mechanical classes I don't know. But he is amazing and he's going to Cali!! Anyways things aren't easy at all but I can tell you this, everything is not easy but the feelings you feel in this environment are non comparable! I can tell you already I will either come home in two years or not by my own choice.

We went to the temple today and it was amazing. The temple here is so beautiful. The nights are the hardest because your mind is not distracted by a never ending barrade of words you don't understand. I am in a bit of a hurry but I will try to send you pictures after I respond to everyone! (He didn't get a chance to send pictures this week) Just know that I know this is exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I know this is God's work. When he asked in the pre-mortal life who would help bring to pass his work and his glory I raised my hand and its still raised. I love you guys so much please stay safe!! I pray for you every night morning and meal. 
Con Amor,

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